Angle Roll Benders


If you want to shape metal into a specific form, Angle Rolls are machines that can help you achieve your goal, i.e. pipes, tubing, angle irons, solid squares, or a myriad of other shapes. Since each rolling machine is built to create specific shapes and sizes of metal components, there may be multiple bending machines that a shop uses due to one machine generally cannot handle the number of potential shapes and the wide-ranging selection of metals available.


Capacity is certainly a critical factor. Angle Roll machines have a strength yield rating specifying pressure the machine can put out at any given time. Between 36,000 and 38,000 pounds per square inch is typical for a rolling machine shaping plate metal.

For tougher metal bending, Steel mills can be a better option as their output is around 48,000 to 58,000 PSI. Nonetheless, most manufacturers rarely work with tough metals hence don’t need to usually invest in a steel mill grade roller. A simple cost and benefit analysis could help you make that decision. Capacity will determine the types of metal used whether is industrial-grade steel or soft metals like stainless steel and copper alloys. Metalworking machinery firms like Provetco Technology can be consulted for the right angle bending roll acquisition.

Variances in the Rolls

What is better; a single-pinch or double-pinch angle roll? Double-pinch angle rollers offer more precision and can handle longer sheets of metal, but then they are a little bit more expensive. Rolls are round parts. They spin to bend the work-piece.

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