Plate Roll Machines

Four-roller plate bending machines have a top roll, the pinching roll, and two side rolls. The flat metal plate is placed in the machine on either side and "pre-bent" on the same side. The side rolls do the work of bending. The pinching roll holds the plate.

Plate Roll Machines will roll different kinds of metal sheet into a round or conical shape. Plate rollers can be powered and controlled in multiple ways. Older plate mills are driven by electric motors and newer ones are directed by programs that are loaded into the CNC controller.

We have over 200 plate roll models varying from 3' to 20' in length. Regrettably, not all of the plate rolling machine models are listed on our site. When requesting a quote, please provide the capacity information along with the material type being bent. This will enable us to provide a prompt and accurate quote.

  • Working Length: 
  • Max Thickness: 
  • Pre-bending Thickness: 
  • Top Roll Diameter: 
  • Minimum Bending Diameter: 
  • Material: 

Furthermore, we have the capability to manufacture plate rolling machines per the customer's specific requirements to include plate roller solutions for industries such as silos, aerospace, pipelines, aircraft, shipyards, vehicle equipment, and plate rolls for wind tower & turbine manufacturing. 

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